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The Meal IQ Story

What's for Dinner?

How often do you ask this question? A lot we bet. But the answer is not so simple, especially if you have to follow a diet either for health or lifestyle reasons, or if you want to plan healthy meals for your family. Planning meals that fit specific nutritional targets or diets can be very difficult and time-consuming; it's something we at Meal IQ are very familiar with. We have talked to many people who face this problem daily. From busy parents struggling to find healthy affordable meals for their families and young professionals following the latest diets, who simply don't have the time to shop, to fitness enthusiasts on special macro controlled diets and people with long-term conditions, for whom following a strict diet can be a matter of life or death. 

Why is Grocery Shopping Broken?

We spend 3.5 hours a week on average doing grocery shopping but waste a staggering 45% of the food we buy. And anyway, most people buy the same ingredients week after week. Why? 

Typical supermarkets stock over 30,000 products, which do you choose? It turns out that for a weekly shop you have more ingredient combinations than there are stars in the sky! So no wonder we choose the same ingredients over and over again! And those ingredients don't seem to fit our diets very well nor our desire for variety, hence the 45% waste. The fundamental reason is that we shop for MEALS and not ingredients.  

How are we fixing it?

We are a team of academics, entrepreneurs, and dieticians. We have attempted to solve this problem by applying state- of the- art Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Meal IQ has been developed over a year to index publicly available recipes and perform a smart search to find the ones that fit your requirements. Then it automatically pulls the ingredients from these recipes and sends them to your online supermarket basket. 

Meal IQ takes care of the complexity to make it really convenient for you. 

The idea is that you eat according to your diet requirements, at the price point you can afford and to your personal tastes. All in 3 clicks.

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