Customised Recipes

Find it hard to find nice recipes that fit your nutrition targets?

If you are following strict nutrition targets for your meals, it's really hard to find recipes that fit your targets perfectly. Most recipes aren't really designed for that right? Too high in carbs, too low in protein, and so on. What to do?

Well normally we customise the recipes in our heads, "I'll add a bit more chicken, reduce the amount of sour cream..", but how does it affect the total nutrition for the meal, across all your macros? Hard right?

Imagine if you can "personalise" existing recipes by making changes directly to the recipe simply by changing a slider, and have the nutrition information for you calculated and displayed automatically?

iPhone X White (1).png

Recipe customisation is a new feature in the New Meal IQ app. It allows you to personalise existing internet recipes to your exact requirements.

  1. Manually adjust the quantities of recipe ingredients 

  2. Remove ingredients that you don't like.

  3. Add in new ingredients.

  4. Swap ingredients for alternatives

  5. Instantly see how it affects the recipe nutrition

  6. Or specify a nutrition target, and let our whizz bang algorithm calculate the ingredient changes for you.

  7. WITHOUT altering the taste of the recipe!

Your own personalised recipe! We can then also apply similar modifications to thousands of other recipes  to make them also fit with your requirements. 

If you want to find out more about this feature, and try it out for free - then please enter your email address below. We're looking for beta testers at the moment and would love to hear from you!