Allergens and Food Intolerances

Are you suffering from a food allergy/intolerance and struggling with your meal choices? 

Is it hard to find the right meals for your condition that also taste nice? 

Do you find the process of meal planning for you or a family member that suffers from a food condition stressing? 


Well, you are not alone. According to Allergy UK, 4 out of 10  people in Britain are estimated to suffer an allergy at some point in their life. 


Here at Meal IQ we understand well how difficult it is to plan meals for family members with different dietary needs or how much time it takes to find recipes, that avoid specific foods, which are tasty, but also, not expensive.


This is where Meal IQ can help! 

You can select from a wide range of allergens and intolerances, and also specify food exclusions to exclude specific ingredients or food groups such as fish, or even broader level groups such as nightshade ingredients. 

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