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Quickly find Customised Meals that fit your:

  • Diet
  • Budget
  • Food Intolerances
  • Macro Nutrition Targets
  • Taste Preferences

Then Shop the Ingredients using our direct link to online grocery supermarkets

It's never been so convenient!

Meal IQ makes meal planning and shopping painless

Search, using AI, publicly available recipes that fit your exact dietary needs, budget and taste preferences.

Shop the combined meal ingredients; Meal IQ automatically adds them to your online grocery shopping basket. 

Plan your meals by choosing the recipes you like the most, allowing Meal IQ to learn your taste preferences. 




See it in action!

Check out our 2-minute video to find out how Meal IQ can help you. 

Meet the Meal IQ Team 

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Start Eating Healthier Today!

Member Testimonials

"It is inspiring and easy to use. It enables budgeting alongside trying new meals. You can tailor it to your own needs and budget".

"My main problem until now was to have to cook different meals for each family member because they didn't like my healthy option. Everything I cooked from Meal IQ until now has been approved from all of us. This is the best thing happened to me until now as it saved me time and money and also the moaning. Thank you Meal IQ ".

"I enjoy choosing recipes I like and adding my food preferences. It has helped me be more organised and planned my meals. Love the shopping list feature and can remove things I already have in my cupboard easily. Definitely recommend if your getting bored with same old stuff all the time. ".

Georgia, Bracknell

Lorna, Ayr

Debbie, Sussex

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